Finding the perfect scales for selling small amounts of products

Most grocery sales and food services are designed to help people weigh their items to the closest one gram. However, those selling high-value foodstuffs, such as spices or truffles, need to have an accurate and precise set of weighing scales.  Here are some tips to help you find a scale that allows you to make accurate weight measurements on small food products. Choose a high accuracy set of scales You can often find finer scales for food services when you look in specialty scales stores, but you can also opt for laboratory-grade scales if you are looking for a very accurate result. Read More 

Unique Catering Ideas and Themes for Your Next Party or Function

When you need to have a lunch brought in for a party or function, you may want to consider something beyond the standard deli trays and salads. Those are very functional and may feed a crowd, but they can also be a bit bland and boring. Adding a theme to the luncheon or dinner can also make it more memorable and enjoyable. Note a few unique catering ideas you might try instead, and discuss these choices with your caterer when planning your next party or even a business function. Read More