Unique Catering Ideas and Themes for Your Next Party or Function

When you need to have a lunch brought in for a party or function, you may want to consider something beyond the standard deli trays and salads. Those are very functional and may feed a crowd, but they can also be a bit bland and boring. Adding a theme to the luncheon or dinner can also make it more memorable and enjoyable. Note a few unique catering ideas you might try instead, and discuss these choices with your caterer when planning your next party or even a business function.


Why not serve breakfast for lunch for your crowd? An omelette bar is always a favourite, and you can also have a waffle bar with a waffle iron and different types of waffles served with various syrups. For those who want to eat light, you can also have eggs cooked to order along with a variety of toasts and then juice and coffee, as well as fruit cups for a sweet finish to the meal.

Mexican buffet

A Mexican buffet might have taco shells and wraps, along with freshly cooked ground beef, chicken, and refried beans, homemade salsa and freshly grated cheese. Guests can make their own tacos and burritos to their own liking. Decorate tables with mini sombreros and serve frozen drinks to complete this fun theme.

Christmas dinner

If your business function or other event is around the holidays, why not have an early Christmas dinner? Opt for ham and a Christmas goose, yams, stuffing, bread pudding and a nice fruitcake. This is a nice surprise when guests are just getting into the holiday mood and can also be a good choice for just about any other time of the year, as guests may not be expecting Christmas decorations and a Christmas dinner during summertime!


For summertime events, have a picnic even if you need to keep your party indoors. Include fried chicken, potato salad, slaw, fresh fruit and iced tea. Serve a variety of fruit pies for dessert, and consider decorating the dining area with checkerboard tablecloths and paper flowers for even more of a picnic theme.

Go vegetarian

As more and more people are becoming vegetarian and vegan, you might opt for a vegetarian menu for any type of event to accommodate those with dietary restrictions while still ensuring everyone gets a good meal. This might include stuffed peppers or mushrooms for the main course, cheesy or baked potatoes as a side dish and lots of varieties of vegetable salads.