5 Tips To Improve Your Catering Services

The catering business largely relies on referrals. As such, caterers must outdo themselves in every event if they wish to grow their client base. The extract below provides a few event catering tips that will ensure the growth of your catering business. 1. Listen to Your Clients Listen to your clients' opinions. Do not merely ask what foods they want. Inquire about how they want the food made, what spices you should incorporate, how many serving stations you should have and what kind of utensils you should use. Read More 

3 Tips for Running a Startup Barbecue Restaurant Successfully

A barbecue restaurant is a great business, especially if you love barbecues and have a knack for cooking. However, while you might have what it takes to open a barbecue restaurant – ideas location, funds, menu and suppliers -- it is highly likely that you will make a few newbie mistakes when starting operations. Feeding on relevant information regarding running a barbecue restaurant can help you realise the common errors that new restaurant owners frequently make. Read More