Finding the perfect scales for selling small amounts of products

Most grocery sales and food services are designed to help people weigh their items to the closest one gram. However, those selling high-value foodstuffs, such as spices or truffles, need to have an accurate and precise set of weighing scales. 

Here are some tips to help you find a scale that allows you to make accurate weight measurements on small food products.

Choose a high accuracy set of scales

You can often find finer scales for food services when you look in specialty scales stores, but you can also opt for laboratory-grade scales if you are looking for a very accurate result. It can be a good idea to post a sign explaining to clients the accuracy of the scales so that there is not any confusion on the part of the customer about how you are measuring the product you are selling. 

Calibrate your scales regularly

The scales need to be calibrated each day, and it can be a good idea to regularly tare the scales during down time. You should also take the scales to a professional calibration service every few months in order to ensure that the scales are hygienic and accurate. 

You also need to decide if you will be charging for the bag or packaging weight when buying the food stuff. In Australia, it is legal to charge for bags at the measured weight, as long as it is clearly signposted, but you may choose to remove this weight from your product prices by removing the weight of the packaging when calculating the prices if you are charging a high price for your product. By weighing the packaging at the start of the process, the customer can see exactly what they are paying for. 

Choose a flat, bump-free surface for the scales

It is important that the scales do not get hit or jostled, which can be a hard in a busy food service environment. Consider having a separate bench to set the accurate scales upon. This helps the accuracy of the scale measurement to continue after each measurement. 

If you are selling high-value food goods, it is very important to have accurate scales to measure their weights. This requires both choosing the right style of scales as well as having careful processes for weighing goods and calibrating the scale. You can get specific advice for your store from a food service that specialises in grocery scales.