5 Questions You Must Ask a Wedding Caterer Before Hiring Them

Wedding planning is thrilling but challenging. A wedding caterer is one of the critical vendors you want to thoroughly vet to ensure your big day goes off without a hitch. Here are a few questions to ask your caterer before engaging them.

1. What Are Your Credentials?

Finding out if a wedding caterer has all the necessary licenses and permits is the first step in vetting several potential vendors. Begin by looking at several wedding catering service providers to compare their service offerings and zero in on the top choices. The vendor you choose must have certification from the local health department indicating they are authorised to deal with food. Request to see their liability insurance certificate to confirm adequate coverage in case a problem arises in the course of the assignment. If you plan on serving alcohol at your wedding, any potential wedding caterer you look at should have the necessary liquor license as well.

2. Do You Have a Package Service?

Planning a wedding tests your logistical skills. Consolidating vendor services is an efficient way to save time and money. As you talk with prospective providers of wedding catering services, find out if they offer other complementary services that you can blend into one package.

3. Can You Provide References?

Ask the top prospective candidates for a list of past clients you can talk to, to find out about their track record. Hearing from past couples who have worked with the caterer will help you assess whether they can meet your needs on your big day.

4. What Are the Additional Fees?

Wedding caterers can have other fees on top of the standard service charge rate. Go through the cost breakdown with them, looking at each item to find out if there are extra charges you should be aware of, like corkage, for example. You will be better able to manage your costs once you know all you're paying for.

5. Are You Serving Another Wedding on the Same Day?

Find out if the caterer will be handling another wedding on the same day as yours. If they are, you want to know that they can adequately serve you as well.


A wedding caterer does more than just serve the food at weddings. They help control the flow when food is being served and ensure adherence to the overall event timeline. Assess their service offering as a whole to pick the best one for your big day.