5 Tips To Improve Your Catering Services

The catering business largely relies on referrals. As such, caterers must outdo themselves in every event if they wish to grow their client base. The extract below provides a few event catering tips that will ensure the growth of your catering business.

1. Listen to Your Clients

Listen to your clients' opinions. Do not merely ask what foods they want. Inquire about how they want the food made, what spices you should incorporate, how many serving stations you should have and what kind of utensils you should use. Be honest if you cannot meet the client's demands. Do not shy away from proposing changes you feel would improve the event. For instance, you could ask your client to include a vegetarian dish to cater to the needs of vegetarian guests.  

2. Plan For Menu Tasting

A menu tasting is an opportunity for your client to taste the food you will prepare on the day of the event. It gives him or her a chance to request changes regarding food preparation and serving. Ask the client to bring along some of his or her friends for the tasting. It will help prevent bias when judging the food.

3. Site Visit

Visit the event venue to know where you will set up the various serving stations. Check the availability of amenities such as catering tents. If you will prepare some of the foods at the venue, check the availability of electricity. Acquaint yourself with the organising team and other service providers. It ensures you have an easy time working.

4. Staffing

Work with a highly professional team. Conduct regular trainings to help them improve their culinary skills. Additionally, educate them on how to respond to catering emergencies. For example, how would they react if there was a sudden change of venue or if they encountered harsh weather during an outdoor event? Encourage them to be courteous to guests. A rude member of staff could ruin your brand image.

5. Pricing

Your services must be reasonably priced. If you are a new business, price your services a bit lower than your competition. Inform your client about any extra costs he or she might incur. Prepare a contract detailing the services you will provide, the required deposit and when the client should pay the final amount.

Finally, do not forget to ask the client for referrals if he or she is pleased with your work. 

Caterers that wish to grow their catering business should listen to their clients, plan for menu tastings, conduct site visits, work with professional staff and reasonably price their services. An event catering supply company can provide more information.